About Me

Hi 👋, I'm Shad

I am from Varanasi currently living in Bangalore, India.

I'm a Full Stack Developer at Hashnode helping developers share their programming knowledge 💪.

I usually work on React, React Native, Nextjs, Node, MongoDB, and a bunch of other stuff.

What I like ❤

  • I like attending conferences & meetups. I love to meet like-minded people and share thoughts.
  • I am passionate about technical writing and help first time writers get confidence in their writing via The Next Big Writer mentorship program.
  • I love Art and I'm a pencil artist on weekends.
  • I am interested in literature and poetry too.

Side Projects 🔨

  • Built React Native Design System which is a cross-platform reusable component library and design system for react-native to speed up the development process. It works on Android, iOS, and Web. The project is open-source and you can find it on GitHub. Feel free to drop a ⭐️ if to show appreciation 😄.
  • Written a React Course for Beginner to Intermediate in a series of articles at soshace.com
  • Writing a Nodejs Course for soshace.com

Find me on the internet

You can find me as iamshadmirza on the Internet. My social account is separated according to my interests.

Tech 💻

Art ✏

Blogs ✍

I'm usually more active on Twitter so let's connect over there. 😉

Email: iamshadmirza@gmail.com