Hi there 👋 I like to speak at meetups about things I find interesting. Here's is a list of previous talks I gave 👇(recent first)

1. A Definite Guide to Technical Blogging as a Developer

Spoke at GDGHubli about technical writing on 13 Jan 2021. Don't miss out on the fireside chat with Girish Patil, organizer of GDGHubli.

2. How to Become the Next Big Writer

I got a chance to speak at DSC KIET and help them start their blogging journey. The event was hosted on 5 Dec 2020.

3. React Native Animation using Hooks: Floating Heads

I tried to recreate facebook messenger's floating head animation using the Animated library and hooks. The talk was organized by FullStack JavaScript Earth on 24 Oct 2020.

4. React Native Design System: Take a tour

I spoke about a tiny design system I built for my personal react-native projects. It was organized by React Bangalore on 29 Feb 2020. Unfortunately, the talk wasn't recorded but you can check out the slides on this link.